STAINLESS scourer 410 40g distiller filling support CHEAP
  • STAINLESS scourer 410 40g distiller filling support CHEAP

STAINLESS scourer 410 40g distiller filling support CHEAP

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Stainless scourer 410, 40g

Spiral washer made of 100% stainless steel  AISI 410, used as filling of rectification columns, resistant to organic acids.
[107 ]In order to use the volume of the rectification column, it must be fill&263; with appropriate filling. A good solution is to use spiral scourers made of 304 acid-resistant stainless steel, which you will find in our store, these scourers do not rust, they are... much more resistant than cheap scourers made of cheap 410 steel.

Equally śvery well checką się in the kitchen. Scourers do not rustą, do not hurtą hands, "greatly clean" dishes without scratches...


approx: 4.5cm
   Material: stainless steel AISI 410.

We also recommend acid-resistant stainless steel scourers available at our other auction which:

- is made of acid-resistant stainless steel,

- has much better parameters than other scourers made of steel 410,

- it is more resistant to external factors.

In our online store, there is a calculator to calculate the number of prismatic springs and washers in the rectification column.

COLUMN FILL CALCULATOR HELPS HOW TO FILL COLUMNS', how many STAINLESS scourers are used' <<< click >>>

You don't know how to fill out columnsę rectification? The table below will help you: 

Jak wypełnić kolumne destylatora

Example of distiller column packing:

Jak wypełnić kolumne destylatora bimber


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