Lightly Toasted Oak Flakes FRANCE Super Taste
  • Lightly Toasted Oak Flakes FRANCE Super Taste

Lightly Toasted Oak Flakes FRANCE Super Taste

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flakes, oak chips lightly toasted light – portion per 1 liter

Oak flakes lightly toasted light 5 g – portion per 1 lira for tincture, vodka, wine, meads. directly from one of the largest European producers of oak flakes. They are produced of the best varieties of French oaks used in cooperage. Before the production process, the tree is naturally seasoned in the open for a minimum of 18 months

[ 102]Usage:

Oak flakes should be added in the amount of 4-5 grams per 1 liter of wine in fermentation process or to the finished wine in order to "age" it (give character) for 3-6 weeks.

Oak flakes can be alsoż uses for meads, tinctures, vodkas (creating oak vodkas). After adding to vodka flakes already after an hour it stainsą alcohol.

Slightly toasted flakes add a little tannins to wine from natural flakes, while they emphasize more strongly the power of wine, "freshness" and fruityść.

Stabilizeą the color of red wines and emphasizes aromas of fruit used in the production of wine.

By buying 2 pcs you get flakes for 2 liters, 3 pcs. for 3 liters etc.

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