Distillery yeast COOBRA 6 MAGNUM
  • Distillery yeast COOBRA 6 MAGNUM

Distillery yeast COOBRA 6 MAGNUM

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COOBRA 6 MAGNUM Distiller's Yeast

Coobra 6 Magnum is a special blend of distiller's yeast, nutrient , vitamins and trace elements intended for fast fermentation of sugar batches. Special yeast for large batches up to 500L

Packaging for 25 liters of sugar batch.

Dro' 380;dże per 6kg of sugar, fermentation time in 3-4 days


Dissolving 6 kg of sugar in hot water, pour to the fermenter and topping up cold waterą up to a volume of 21 litres. To the setting at 20-30 o C pour ć całą contentść yeast bags and mix well.

Composition:[ 102]

Yeast, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Net weight 150g.

Fermentation is stormy. Do not use fermentation tubes or plugs

The total volume of ]Lość sugar kg

Quantity packaging road 

Optimal temp.
25l6kg[1058 ]120 - 30*C
100l24kg415 - 25*C
200l48kg810 - 25*C

[107 ]


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