HYDROMETER - SUGAR METER professional Swedish quality
  • HYDROMETER - SUGAR METER professional Swedish quality

HYDROMETER - SUGAR METER professional Swedish quality

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OECHSLE – index of sugar concentration in wine, distillate, winemeter


[1023 ]Manufacturer:


Essential to make sweet wine ,medium-sweet,dry.Shows the amount sugar in wine and hową the strength will be in the wine before fermentation and after fermentation.

One degreeń Ballinga (Blg), corresponds to approximately 10g of sugar in 1l of juice (must). The operation of the instrument is simple and after a long practice it will not make you trouble.

Professional Swedish Oeschle Sugar Gauge (Oe)[104 ]

The hydrometer is the most important device in home alcohol production. Hydrometer otherwise known as theseż hydrometer, sugar meter and oeschlemeter, is an extremely useful glass device for measuring the sugar content in aqueous solutions. For helpą hydrometer can be "easily and conveniently checked" whether the setting is fermenting or też fermentation się keep what content will be contained % in set after fermentation or też "easy to define" what kind of wine we got.

We have scales on the sugar meter Oeschle -12 to +120 – solution density scale given in Oeschle (Oe) units. For water at 20°C it is 0.00 Oe and density in g/ml according to the formula Oe/1000 + 1 = 1,000 g/ml. Sugar increases the density water solution and alcohol reduces. As mentioned earlier, water has a 1.00 g/ml and alcohol is 0.79 g/ml. When the setting ferments, it decreases quantityść sugar, which is processed into alcohol (sugar is heavier than water and alcohol is lighter), so it decreases dense solution and it's worthść Oeschle decreases, i.e. the hydrometer goes deeper stronger in the liquid. Most often, at the start of fermentation of table wine, it shows a reading of about 75 on the scale, i.e. a lot of sugar (about 4.5 kg in a 23L setting). During fermentation, the sugar turns it wears out and the hydrometer goes deeper more. How fermentation will come to an end should show it's worthść below zero, which is about -5 to -10. If the reading is higher, the wine is still fermenting or fermentation has stopped.

[ 1016]To calculate potentialą contentść alcohol in wine after fermentation should be used of the following designs when the wine has an inflatedżoną dense due to the presence of other components that disturb the simple calculationę e.g. non-fermentable sugars.

Calculation of alcohol % in wine after fermentation:[100 ]

if the initial indication of the sugar meter was 75 and the final (after fermentation) +5 (total gives 80 ), it's worth itść 80 divided by 7.5=10.6% vol. alcohol.

How to do sugar meter measurements

The measurements are made the easiest way is directly in the fermentation container or in the measuring cup. It's hard to do in measuring cups measurement "so that the hydrometer does not stick" się to the wall of the measuring cylinder, so you have to choose larger 250ml or 100ml measuring cups. The hydrometer must liftć loosely without adhering to the walls of the vessel and is readable upper meniscus. Before reading, you need to forcefully inputć hydrometer in rotation "to get rid of" się bubbles of gas emitting during fermentation, of which there is plenty in the must, which clings submerged part of the hydrometer and lifts it. Hydrometer control - at 200oC is to show in water 0.

Determining the end of fermentation with a sugar meter:[100 ]

'would be' certain żsettings will endł fermented, must be done two day measurements after a day. If 2 consecutive measurements 1 day apart will be the same means "set stop" fermentation.

The instrument is made of glass.[ 1058]

weight: 35g

long sugar meter: 25cm


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